The Loom Wellness

A therapy practice with connection at our core.

About Us

The Loom was created as a space that recognizes the interconnectedness between an individual’s struggles and their relationships. Life’s challenges can impact our relationships, and in turn, our relationships can either serve as a source of support or contribute to the challenges we face.

The Loom aims to address these issues by exploring how individuals’ struggles affect their relationships and vice versa, acknowledging the dynamic interplay between the two. This understanding forms the basis of our therapeutic approach, which seeks to support healing and growth within the context of these relationships.

Relationships and a sense of connection make up the fabric of our lives. We will support you to strengthen the threads of yours.

Doria Miller, LCSW

Founder and Clinical Director

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Our therapists know that the most fundamental human desire is to be seen, heard, and understood–and we do just that. We tailor your sessions and our recommendations for you based on what we know about you and your knowledge of yourself.

Couples Therapy

Our couples therapy services nurture your innate connection to one another and provide you with the necessary tools and skills to help you grow and repair. We will equip you with the communication skills and healthy conflict skills to help you navigate your shared life.

Mental Health Annual

This thorough assessment is ideal for those who are looking for a much more comprehensive assessment of their mental, emotional, and relational well-being. It’s a great starting point for your psychotherapy journey so that we can start with the most thorough understanding of you.


Our highly-skilled therapists are trained in a variety of psychotherapy modalities. We all share a common goal of providing insights, practical tools, and support to help our clients live the life that they want. We pride ourselves on our matching process to ensure that you are matched with a therapist who you can build a real relationship with, and who is trained to treat your concerns.


Founder + Clinical Director

Rebecca Grijalva, LMHC

Associate Psychotherapist

Taryn Rothstein, LMSW

Associate Psychotherapist

Sarah Panzer, LMSW

Associate Psychotherapist

Ada Ding, LMSW

Associate Psychotherapist
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